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What are website blocks?

What are website blocks?

Blocks or elements are pieces of a website. We can say a website is made up of blocks put together. There is 3 main type of blocks:

  • Text blocks as headings, paragraphs, labels, and icons
  • Media blocks as image, video
  • Container or page sections to organize layout, spacing, and contain other blocks

Besides, there are additional blocks such as embed code, break lines, and so on. Let take a look at the below sample template:

Sample website

Below is how container blocks are set up. There are settings that help its contents laid out just how you want

Sample website

And how text and images blocks are laid out inside container blocks

Sample website

Styling elements

The Designer Toolbar and Designer Style Panel allow you to customize how an element looks. You can set font, size, colors, spacing, border, shadow, and more.

Besides the basic styling options, different block type also has its own property settings. For example, you can specify an image URL for Image elements, background image, or gradient for Container elements.

To learn more, visit styling elements


Last updated on 19/01/2022

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