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Referral program

Referral program

Refer a friend using a personalized referral link and earn 30% on the first purchase. You can yuse the amount earned for plan upgrades, or request a payout. The program is free, and open to all users.

Join the program

To join the referral program, make sure you have already created an account and logged in. Then continue the following steps:

  1. Visit Account > Referral Program
  2. Click Start to create your referral profile.
  3. Now, your referral profile is ready

How to refer a friend with your Referral URL

When a non-member uses your Referral URL and signup, you'll receive 30% from their first next purchase.

There are 3 ways to get your Referral URL:

  1. Copy the Referral URL, available on the Account > Referral page.

  2. You can add "uref={your-uref-code}" to the end of a URL as the Referral URL. For example, your referral code is "johnny", to refer the Almost app template to your friend, the Referral URL will be

  3. On any page outside of Dashboard, click on the account menu (top right) and choose Get referral link. It will copy the current URL with uref code into your clipboard.

Request a payout

You can request a payout from the Dashboard. Please note we only support payout using Paypal, and the balance must be at least $10

  1. Visit Account > Referral Program
  2. Then click on the dropdown
  3. Choose Settings to set your Paypal email (to receive payout)
  4. Choose Request payout to request a payout
  5. You should expect the payout in 1-3 business days


Last updated on 19/01/2022

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