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Get started with our Designer

Get started with our Designer

The Designer is where you create, manage, design, and publish web pages.

How to design a website?

Similar to a lego set, a website was built by many blocks put together. Those blocks are container, text, image and more.

When a group of related blocks is put together, it's a layout. For example, a post layout will have a container, with a title (text), a description (image), a cover photo (image).

To design a website, you simply arrange these blocks, set colors, spacing, border, and so on. Or, you can use a layout from our Layout library and customize it to fit your style.

Demonstrate layout blocks Demonstrate how blocks were put together to create a layout

How to publish your website?

After you create and design your pages, or whenever you make changes, you need to Publish to apply those changes. Note that publish will only affect the current page you open on the Designer.

To publish a webpage:

  1. From the Designer's top right navigation, click right next to Preview
  2. A drop down will appear, choose Publish
  3. When you see the "Completed" message, visit your page to see changes

More details in this section:

Let us know if you have any questions, or requests.


Last updated on 19/01/2022

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