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Get familiar with Query Builder

Get familiar with Query Builder

Query Builder is a UI Widget, helps you manage how data items are retrieved. You can limit the number of items, specify conditions.

Before creating a query with Query Builder, make sure you've already Connect to your database.

This document will show you:

Create a query with Query Builder

  1. Open the top left menu , click on Page queries, then choose Create
  2. On the Query Builder modal, choose your Database and Table
  3. You can specify condition, sort, or limit items
  4. Click Create to create a new query!

Specify query condition

Query condition is used to set a condition, by comparing a value (to Filter property). For example, the created date must be after Jun 10, 2020 (created > 06-10-2020)

To specify query condition, from Query Builder widget:

  1. Expand Filter section, choose a comparing property (or column)
  2. Then expand Condition, choose a condition (e.i (==) equal, (>) greater)
  3. Enter a comparing value, and your condition is setup

Sorting query items

When getting data, you can sort the result items ascending or descending, based on the comparing property.

To enable sorting, from Query Builder widget:

  1. Expand Filter section, choose a comparing property (or column) if not already selected
  2. Then expand Sort, choose either Ascending or Descending
  3. And you've enabled sorting query items

Limit the number of item results

To limit the number of result items, from Query Builder widget:

  1. Expand Limit section
  2. Enter a limit number under Max items for each request
  3. And you've enabled query limiting

Now, you know how to create a query, specify a condition, limit the number of results and enable sorting items.


Last updated on 19/01/2022

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