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Custom fonts

Custom fonts

You can custom webpage fonts using the default fonts, or find and use fonts from Google Fonts. Fonts can be applied to text, container, or any type of block.

To set a font, from the Designer, select your block:

  1. On Designer Panel, navigate to the Styles tab
  2. Scroll down to Font. Then open the dropdown, search and select the desired font.
  3. Your new font is now applied to the selected block.

Note that if you applied a font to a Container block, it will be applied to all blocks within that container

Import from Google Fonts

Google Fonts provides over 1000 free licensed fonts. You can search and import a font from Google Fonts to use it in your project.

To import a font from Google Fonts, you should know its name or browse it from Google Fonts beforehand.

Then on the Designer, select any block, then:

  1. On Designer Panel, navigate to the Styles tab
  2. Scroll down to Font, open the dropdown and select Manage custom fonts
  3. On the search box, enter the font name. Then select the desired one from the dropdown list.
  4. You can choose Styles and Supported languages by click on the new font item. It will avoid loading unnecessary data
  5. Click Select to save changes to your project


Last updated on 19/01/2022

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