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Submit your website to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo 2022

Latest method to submitting your sitemap to popular search engines, help they learn about your site quicker

seo • 23 Mar




Eventually, search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing will found and crawl your website. Though, having a sitemap and submitting it to a search engines will help your website skip the discovery process.

After submitted the sitemap, all your website URLs is visible to the search engine. It might take up to a few weeks or month before the page content is indexed. Therefore the sooner you submit your sitemap, the sooner your page content is indexed.

This post will show you how to submit your sitemap on popular search engines.

1. Submit your sitemap to Google

To submit your sitemap to Google, you need to have a Google account first (see create a Google Account). Then add, verify your site to Google Search Console, and submit the sitemap.

Add your domain to Google Search Console

To add your website to Google Search Console:

  1. Visit Google Search Console https://search.google.com/search-console
  2. Click on the Search property box, select Add property
  3. Enter your website domain in the Domain box
  4. Then click "Continue" to navigate to the Verify domain ownership screen

### Verify your domain on Google Search Console

To verify your website on Google Search Console (right after step 3, in the Verify domain ownership screen), you'll need to add a TXT record to your domain.

You can click on the Instructions for, and choose your domain provider to get the instruction on how to add the TXT record to your domain.

After adding the TXT record, you might need to wait 5 minutes or more for the changes affect. Then click Verify to complete the process

To submit your sitemap to Google Search, after add and verify your domain on Google Search Console:

  1. Navigate to Sitemaps https://search.google.com/search-console/sitemaps
  2. Enter your sitemap URL on the Add a new sitemap box
  3. Click Submit to complete

Your sitemap is now submitted to Google search engine. It might take sometimes for Google to start crawling your entire website

2. Submit your sitemap to Bing

To submit your sitemap to Bing, you'll need a Microsoft account, and submitted it through Bing Webmaster Tools. Then you'll also need to add, verify your site with Bing, and submit the sitemap URL

*Note that since September 2018, Bing no longer allow submitting sitemaps anonymously. *In case you haven't got a Microsoft account, you can create one at https://account.microsoft.com/account.

Add and verify your domain with Bing

To add and verify your domain with Bing, you can either do it manually, or imported from Google Search Console. Note that you should be able to import after complete submit your sitemap to google Search Console mention above.

To add and verify a domain to Bing:

  1. Visit Bing Webmaster Tools https://www.bing.com/webmasters
  2. Click on the site list box, and choose Add a site
  3. Now, you'll see the Select one of the methods to add your site popup

In this step, you can either import sites from Google Search Console, or add and verify a domain manually. Choose one of the following options to continue

Import verified sites from Google Search Console to Bing

  1. In the Import your sites from GSC box, click Import
  2. Authorize Bing access to your Google Search Console by logging your Google account
  3. Now, Bing will show a list of verified sites from your Google Search Console. Choose all domains you want to import, then click Import to complete

Note that you won't need to verify domain if it was imported from Google Search Console

Add a domain to Bing manually

  1. In the Add your site manually, enter your domain name (including http(s)://)
  2. Click Add to complete

Now, you have added and verify your domain with Bing.

Submit your sitemap to Bing

To submit your sitemap to Bing after added and verified your domain:

  1. Visit Sitemaps on Bing Webmaster Tools https://www.bing.com/webmasters/sitemaps
  2. On the top right, click Submit sitemap
  3. Enter your sitemap URL in the text box. Then click Submit to complete

Now, your sitemap should be added to Bing search engine. It also might take sometimes for Bing to start crawling your entire website

## 3. Submit your sitemap to Yahoo and Duckduckgo

To submit your sitemap to Yahoo or Duckduckgo, you'll need to submit the sitemap with Bing Webmaster tool (as mention above). In case you have already did, you don't need to do anything else.

Both Yahoo and Duckduckgo use Bing's internal system to learn about sitemaps and discover URLs. See Submit your website to Yahoo Search, and How to submit a sitemap to Duckduckgo (quora)

Now, you've learn how to submit your sitemaps on popular search engines like Google, Bing, while Yahoo and Duckduckgo is depending on Bing's search system.

The steps to submit your sitemap are similar. First, you'll need to add the domain to the search engine, then verify it using a TXT record. Then navigate to the Sitemaps page and submit your sitemap URL

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