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Product Landing Pages — No.2 Weekly Inspiration

6 landing pages inspiration for your next projects

resource • 22 Dec




Great landing pages help viewers understand your product, while able to deliver the core message, and help your viewer see why it should be your product.

Whether you’re looking for an inspiration, or a quick fix to improve your landing page, check out theses 6 landing pages.

1. Moleskine — Single Product Page

In case you have a product with variety of options, Moleskine might be something you want to look for. Designed by Phil Goodwin, it’s laid with simple components and colours.

The design is particularly good at showing options of colours, rule. Those can be preview in one-click away.

2. Shipup — Service Landing Page

Shipup design is a perfect fit for elegance and modern digital services. Designed by Claudia Carvalho, with a flat grid style template, it was a brilliant combination between fonts, colours, spaces.

Fonts used in the design consists of Recoleta Alt for titles, labels and Open Sans for the rest.

The design used complementary colours to bring action and the product to viewer's attentions, without interrupting.

You can check out Shipup live demo on their official website

3. Office Space — One slide landing page

Unless you’re looking for a longer landing page, this is good fit for a modern and simple product. It didn’t require much time to design either.

Designed by DStudio®, it consists of one font only. With a light gradient background of cool blue and warm orange.

Even though it was simple, there are enough information for viewers. Including heading, product’s tagline, a well layout demo photo, call to actions and contact.

4. Collab — Design service landing page

Meet Collab, a creative and playful design for design startups. Designed by Tran Mau Tri Tam, it used ambition colours like purple, dark yellow with huge headlines.

The live preview of Collab are even better, responsive, with lively animation and enough sections for any design service. The design is available in Figma or Code Template for $64.

5. Smart Invoicing — financial service and app landing page

In case you ever need a sophisticated landing page, that instantly deliver trust, check out this one. Designed by Vishnu Prasad, it combines different shades of blue, that complementing each other.

6. Curology — Beauty Products Landing Page

A great tone for a beauty products landing page, it was designed by Farzan Faruk. The template deliver an exciting and energetic vibe by using orange, violet as dominant colours, and a bold and serif font for headlines.

Besides, Curology show items, models, testimonials to established trustworthy and friendliness.

To conclude, landing page is a first critical steps for the right viewers to become your customer. As usual, depending on your product or service, it need to deliver the right vibe and message as fast as possible.

Hopefully the above templates will give you some inspiration for your project.

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