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March Highlights: Animation and features improvements

Introducing basic animation with Rebit

update • 02 Apr




We're constantly working to improve our product for a better experience. Below are some changes and improvements we've made in March 2022.

1. Introducing Animation

Animation interactions are an essential part of having an interesting website. It can actually improve the user experience on your website.

Recently, we've added the Animation tab on the Designer Panel. It allows you to apply animations to an element.

To add an animation, select the element, then from the Designer Panel:

  1. Choose the Animation Tab (at the bottom options), and click Add animation.

  2. Choose a Trigger to specify when the animation start (for example, on mouse click, hover, etc)

  3. Choose a Preset to specifies how the element will animate (slide up, slide down, etc)

  4. Set the Duration to specify how long the element will animate

  5. Click Create to add animation

Now, you have applied an animation to the selected element. Note that you can apply multiple animations to an element.

It's important to make sure these animations don't cancel out each other. For example, it's not a good idea to set boh Slide Up and Slide Down using the same Mouse enter event.

2. Feature improvements

In the past month, we've worked on improving some existing features. Below are the details about it

Image Picker

Your gallery might have lots of images. Sometimes, you need the photos shorted in order, or display in a way to scan through them.

Recently, we've added a few options. It allows you to sort images in uploaded date order (oldest photos first, or oldest photos last). Besides, we also enable List view and Mansory image view

To open these options on the Image Picker, click on the filter button icon, and you'll see the options

Upload fonts in Font Picker

Font Picker allows you to add custom fonts from different sources. For example Google Font, from a stylesheet file or font files URL.

Now, you are able to host your fonts on our server. To do that, on the Font Picker:

  1. Select the Embed a file section

  2. Enter the Font name, and select its Family

  3. On the Source, click on the upload icon, drag and drop your font file into the upload area.

  4. To add more font source (for different weight and style), click Add a source.

  5. Click Select, it will navigate you to the Manage fonts tab. Then click Save to complete

Now, you have added a new font by uploading it to our server.

Working with Symbol

A symbol is a type of element or group of elements that can be used across pages within a project.

In the past month, we worked to improve some of the symbol's limitations. For example, now you can insert a new element into a symbol, move an element out of an existing symbol, etc.

To sum up, you can now apply animations with the Animation panel. Besides, we improve Image Picker, Font Picker and how we work with Symbol

Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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