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Launching Editor – your everyday dashboard

Made it easier to update your website, view traffic and manage connected data collections

update • 10 Apr




Not every day you need a full-on drop & drag tool.

Today, we launch Editor, a dashboard with just enough features for your everyday needs. It's easy for viewing website traffic, updating a project or page settings. You can also manage connected data collection, such as insert, update or delete items.

To not be confused, we call the drop & drag tool, the Designer.

How to open Editor

[Update on April 15, 2021] You can open Editor by adding ?manage to the end of your domain. For example, your website's domain is https://johnny.treen.it, you can use https://johnny.treen.it/?manage. Then click the Manage button on the bottom left of the page.

You can open Editor from the Dashboard. After logged in:

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard
  2. Scroll to your project and choose Edit. You will navigate to an Editor previewer.
  3. From the Editor preview, click on Menu, then choose Open Editor.

Another way to open Editor is through Designer. When you're design a page, click on the top left menu, then choose Open in Designer.

Project overview

The project Overview tab shows the visitor graph in the last 7 days. We also plan to add more information about your visitors. Such as the top 10 referral sites to know where they come from, a list of devices if possible.

Project settings

In the Project settings tab, you can update your project's basic info. Such as domain, title, description, language, and country origin.


The Pages tab is a collapsible list, which contains all the pages in the project.

When you choose a page and edit its information. Such as title, page's URL, description, featured photo (appear when sharing on social media), and the connected query.


The Collections tab is also a collapsible list, which contains all connected databases. Including the Sandbox database. You can choose a database, then select a table and edit a data record as usual.

Now you know a bit more about our new Editor. It's for your every usage, to keep track of visitors, update your project without full-on tools.

Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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