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January Highlights: Improved dashboard, account login, and custom domain

Check out our dashboard's new look, login now support using magic link. Besides, you can manage your custom domain SSL

update • 02 Feb




Happy Lunar New Year, year of the Tiger.

We're constantly working to improve our product for a better experience. Below are some changes and improvements we've made in January 2022.

1. Changes in dashboard account login

We've recently added support for password-less login (also called login with a magic link). When logging in, you enter your email to receive a login URL. After click on the login link, you'll be direct to our dashboard and automatically logged in.

Important notice: From January 2022, we'll remove support for login with Facebook account. For users that are currently using Facebook account to login with us, you can use password-less login or request a password to the email connected to your Facebook account.

2. Improved dashboard

The whole goal of our design (website, dashboard, editor, etc.) is to simplify more and more our user interfaces.

Recently, we made some changes on our Dashboard. Its left navigation is now have a blue-purple-ish gradient background. The page content is smaller (i.e the project page is now showing 1 project each row instead of 2).

Besides, on your Project page, you can access a project analytic details and manage its database from its menu.

3. Custom domain: Manage your SSL

When adding custom domain to your project, our service will handle SSL for you. Recently, we've added a feature that allow you to check for SSL expiration and renew SSL if you wish.

One way to access Manage SSL view is:

  1. From the dashboard, locate the project.
  2. Click on the menu, and choose Edit details
  3. From the Project details popup, select SSL tab (on the right panel)

Now, you'll see basic information of the SSL for your custom domain. Note that you can only renew the SSL if it is older than 60 days (as recommended by SSL provider LetsEncrypt).

Important notices

Pricing structure changes

We've recently updated our pricing structure. Instead of Account Plan (with 1 custom domain for a PRO account), we're now providing Site Plan. It allows an account to have multiple PRO projects.

We're renaming to Rebit

We've decided to rename our platform/company to Rebit (instead of Inverr), and in the process on migrating our services to the new domain name (rebit.co)

More details about pricing structure and name changes will be pronounced in feature posts.

That was the last update highlights of our January 2022. We made some improvements for our Dashboard, added support for password-less logging and removed login with Facebook account. Besides, you can now view SSL certificate for your custom domain.

Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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