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What's new on Database Editor View

We added custom column name, rich text editor and other improvements

update • 14 May




For most websites after launch, you'll spend more time working on the content. That's why we try to improve how you add/update data records.

Here are a few things we've updated

1. Custom name for data field (column name)

For many people, having a column name like `created_date`, or `regular_price` isn't a problem. Though working with none-English background users, we realized it can be confused.

Now, you can set the column name in any language.

To set the name for a column, on the Database Editor View:

  1. Locate the column, then click `(three dots) -> Name: column_name`. A popup will appear
  2. Enter column name, then click the `green check` to update.

That's it. Your column name should now show as the new name

2. Custom field editor

Another thing we improve is the option to choose a field editor. This is what will show when creating a new item, or updating an existing one (as in the photo below).

To set field editor for a column, on the Database Editor View:

  1. Locate the column, then click `(three dots) -> Edit view`.
  2. Select your field editor

Some field editor options you can choose now:

  • `Default`: a regular input field

  • `Hidden`: won't display the field (i.e for `created` with default value is `Fri May 14 2021 16:45:25 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)`)

  • `Textarea`: like `input` but have multiple lines

  • `Rich text editor`: rich feature editor, with headings, lists, adding images, etc.

  • `Image picker`: for photo URL (enter a URL, search from Unsplash, or upload one)

3. Create item in full-size modal

This is a small change. When you create a new data item, it will now show as a full-size modal. We think it helps you to focus on creating or update the data item

When you have updated the custom field name, set a proper field editor, you will have something like the below photo:

To conclude, we have updated a few things that will make working with data items easier. You can now set a custom name for a data field in any language, use a suitable field editor.

Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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