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Top 8 websites to find free illustrations

Are you looking for free illustration vectors for your project? Check out this top 10 source for free illustration

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Whether it's a website, a blog or social post, having compelling illustrations to deliver the message to your audience wins.

Sometimes, it's tough choose the right graphic for your message. In case you need an inspiration, want to cut a bit from an existing illustration and combine with one of your Adobe Illustration/Sketch project, or just to quickly grab something related to your content.

Following is the top 10 websites you can find illustration vectors and use for free

1. Freepik

Need no introduction, Freepik is an online resources for image stocks, illustration vectors for creatives. Founded in Spain in 2010, Freepik now has more than 10M graphic items.

Illustrations on Freepik are either for premium members, or free for personal and commercial use (with contribution). Those including banners, animals and characters designs, icon, cards and more.

2. unDraw

unDraw earn their reputations within the designer community by providing free, open-source illustrations without any attribution. Launched since 2017, illustrations on unDraw are created by Katerina Limpitsouni, and the site was developed by Aggelos Gesoulis. You might find unDraw designs in many websites, including from big companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebok, etc.

Their illustrations are often a girl, or/and with a guy that doing something. For example pointing to a dataset, holding papers, or using a mobile. They are great for convey messages to your visitors visually.

3. Drawkit

Drawkit is a website, provide free and premium high quality SVG vector illustatrions and animations. Founded in 2018 by James Daly, Drawkit now also provides icons and illustrations as requested, plugin for Figma with over 400 icons, UI and social media packs.

In 2020, Drawkit was acqiured by Francois Arbour, but their goals remain. Besides Drawkit, James also built DesignStripe, a tool for creating illustrations without code.

4. Free Illustrations

Created in 2020, Free Illustrations provides free vector, illustrations in multiple format, including SVG, AI, EPS, FIGMA, SKETCH, PNG. They have a vaiarity of illustrations styles, such as retro vector, 3D icon packs, animals and characters designs, designs for ecommerce and websites, etc.

5. Vecteezy

Vecteezy was founded in 2017, providing free and premium image stocks, video and graphics. They have a viariety of illustations, such as background, plants, patterns, banner, people, or landscape.

6. Freevector

Founded in 2004, Freevector is a simple website, provide free illustrations with high quality created by designers from all over the world.

You can find any type of illustrations here, from shapes, icons, maps, people, patterns technology, cartoon and more. You can download those illustrations for free under EPS, AI, PDF, SVG

7. Vector4free

Similar to Freevector, Vector4free is a website provide free illustrations created by designers from anywhere in the world.

With a wide range of illustrations, you can create an account and download in many different format, including AI for Adobe Illustrator, EPS, PDF, SVG and even CDR.

Please note that all illustrations on Vector4free is free for personal use. Though some of them might has different license for comercially used

8. Icons8 Ilustrations

Icons8 started in 2012, in New York, US, providing icons and graphics. Their Illustrations section focuses on providing free illustrations. What you'll love about them is their illustrations are trendy, more professonal.

You can download most of illustrations from icons8 for free (low-quality PNG), or signup a premium membership and start downloading 25 images per month.

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