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Font: Sans vs Serif and Font Matching Avengers Style

Brand choose fonts carefully to reflect their image. Here is the different about serif vs sans-serif fonts, and a list of basic font matching for your website.

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The different about sans serif vs serif fonts are serif fonts has feet, while sans serif font don’t.

There is not a hard rule for which type to use. But often, serif fonts are used for body paragraph text as they are easier to read. For example in books, or blogs, and news platforms like Medium, Substack, New York Times. While Sans Serif fonts are more suitable as titles and short paragraphs.

Serif fonts emphasise tradition, trustworthiness, and establishment. While Sans Serif fonts are more about clean and modern

6 Pairs of Font Matching

In case you’re looking for an inspiration, we’ve collected 6 pairs of font matching. Also, each pair is assigned with an Avenger superhero that might suitable

1. Spiderman — Peter Parker

2. Hawkeye — Clinton Francis Barton

3. Hulk — Dr. Robert Bruce Banner

4. Iron Man — Tony Stark

5. Black Widow — Natasha Romanova

6. Thor Odinson

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