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February Highlights: Improved data query and website SEO options

With CMS, you can now specify multiple conditions when querying data.

update • 02 Mar




We're constantly working to improve our product for a better experience. Below are some changes and improvements we've made in February 2022.

1. Migrating to Rebit

As mention in the last month's highlights, we've been migrating Inverr to Rebit. This including domain and subdomain names for Rebit platform and services, adding yoursite.rebitsite.com as the free subdomain name.

Please note that if your site is using yoursite.treen.it, you can either keep it, or change to yoursite.rebit.com as you wish.

The migration process is almost completed. We'll write more details about this.

2. CMS — Multiple query condition

Rebit allows you to connect to 3rd-parties databases (or using Rebit database service) for dynamic content (Content Management System, or CMS).

We've recently added support for multiple conditions when querying data. For example, with a job listing app, you can now create a page that showing frontend jobs that posted after 2022-03-03, and located in San Fransisco.

To learn more about querying data, see Get familiar with Query Builder.

3. More SEO options

When publishing a website, having a well Structured Data helps search engine quickly learn more about it, and priority to distribute to the right audience better. Rebit is now supporting more options for Structured Data, allow you to describe your page better.

Besides, for images, you can now enable/disable lazy loading option (enabled by default). Lazy loading for images is a UX best practice, help to increase pageload performance.

4. Designer Improvements

We've identified an issue with element styles when editing the page. For example, when update a text color for a text element, it sometimes messed up styling of another element. This issue has been fixed on our previous updates.

Besides, we've added a "Persist Panel" option on our Designer Panel settings. When enabled, the Designer panel won't automatically switch to the Style tab, but stay in whatever the tab you're selecting.

That was the last update highlights of our February 2022. Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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