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Top 5 famous photographers and their website

Looking for a photography website inspiration, check out these examples from the top 5 photographers today

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A photography portfolio website should be simple. In case you're looking for inspiration, here are the top 5 most famous photographers and their websites.

1. Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans website: https://tillmans.co.uk/

Tillmans is a German photographer born in 1968. His works mainly focus on the surroundings, grids, abstractions.

It's a surprising design with Wolfgang Tillmans's website. The landing page is a static site, that mainly shows the menu items, a single-column grid of his works. The entire page uses Times New Roman font with 13px of size.

Even though Tillmans's site has a clean and simple style, it fits with his style of photography.

2. Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt website: https://www.elliotterwitt.com/

Elliott Erwitt is a French-born American advertising and documentary photographer. His works are famous for photos of everyday life in ironic situations.

He has an interest in taking photos of dogs. Until now, he has written many books and 5 of them with the title about dogs. Such as Son of Bitch (1974), To the Dogs (1992), Dog Dogs (1998), Woof (2005), and Elliott Erwitt's Dogs (2008).

Besides, Elliot has a collection of public figures. These include John Paul II pope in 1978, Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1997, Fidel Castro in 1964, John F. Kennedy in 1961.

Different from Tillmans, Elliott's website creates the feeling of a modern photography website.

The entire website use manly black and white colors, act like his online gallery. The pages include about himself, his works on news, and links to his online store.

3. Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick website: https://spencertunick.com

Spencer Tunick is an American photographer born in 1967. His works focus on nude art, with notable shoots of organizing large-scale nude shoots.

His website has a modern photography style. With the navigation on the left, and the main content on the middle right. The entire page uses Lato font with a 12.5px size of the font.

4. Dimitris Lambridis

Dimitris Lambridis website: https://doplambridis.com/

Dimitrios Sarris Lambridis is a Greek photographer and filmmaker, based in London, UK. His works include music promotions, animation films, commercials, and documentaries.

Dimitris has a simple yet effective landing page. The main components on the page were about himself and link to his works, with his cinematic photo as the cover background. Most of the texts on the website use Ed Garamond font (a serif family), in a bold 16px font size.

5. Zak van Biljon

Zak van Biljon website: https://zakvanbiljon.com/

Zak's website is simple, but enough to talk about himself and showcase his works. The entire website uses the font Chivo, with a size of 16px. It also only uses a white background and black-ist text color.


The common theme of the above photography examples is clean grids. The pages showcase their works, professional information, and links to their social media.

Some of the stand-out examples, such as Elliott Erwitt's website. He uses mainly black and white colors (in text, background, and featured images). Or Dimitris Lambridis, which uses his cinematic photo as the background cover of the landing page.

Hope those examples help you start your own online photography portfolio

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