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December highlights and Happy New Year

Fonts with more options. Database added supports for Google Firestore client database.

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We hope you enjoy the holidays, wish you good health and happiness in 2022.

We're constantly working to improve our product for a better experience. Below are some changes and improvements we've made in December 2021.

1. More options to embed fonts

Fonts are an essential part of your brand identity. Choosing the right fonts gives the right impression to new users, and helps them remember better about your brand.

Besides the options to add and use in your projects, we've recently added option to embed , or actual (i.e .tff, .woff files)

To add, edit or remove a font, you'll need to use the Font Manager. To access the Font Manager:

  1. From the Designer right panel, scroll to the Font option

  2. Click Manage custom fonts to open Font Manager

  3. After add, edit or remove a font. Click Save to apply changes

Add Google Fonts

To add fonts from Google Fonts, choose the Add Google Fonts tab from the Font Manager, then:

  1. Enter the name and choose from the font list

  2. Then click Select.

  3. After switching (automatically) to the Manage fonts tab, click Save.

Embed fonts from stylesheets

Font stylesheets are stylesheet files with import font css rules. It is commonly used for font services.

For example, after selecting fonts from Google Fonts, you can either embed to your website using or @import. These 2 options will generate a snippet code include a stylesheet URl (such as https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=….&display=swap)

To embed fonts from stylesheets, choose the Embed a stylesheet tab from the Font Manager:

  1. Enter the stylesheet URL (some doesn't have .css extension)

  2. Enter the font Name and its Family. If the stylesheet contains more than 1 font, click on Add font name to add more.

  3. Click Select to notify new fonts added

  4. After switching (automatically) to Manage fonts tab, click Save.

Embed a font file

You can directly add a font file (usually has .tff, .woff, .woff2, .otf extensions) to your project, from the Embed a file from the Font Manager:

  1. Enter the font Name and its Family

  2. Enter the link to font file into the URL field of the Source URL section. If there is more than 1 file (usually for multiple styles and weights), click on Add source to add more

  3. Click Select to notify new font added

  4. After switching (automatically) to Manage fonts tab, click Save

Note: If you're not sure about the font Family, when selecting fonts to embed, the font service usually mention it. Learn more about Serif and Sans-Serif font family.

2. Fonts weights, decoration and transformation

When selecting a text in Rebit Designer, you'll see a dropdown option next to Bold/Italic icons in the Designer Toolbar.

These options allow you to set:

  1. Decoration: underline, delthrough
  2. Transform: Capital case, or UPPER CASE
  3. Set the text weight with 6 options

3. Connect to Google Firestore with client configuration

Connecting to Google Firestore with client configuration helps limit full access to your database. Learn more about connecting to Google Firestore

That was the last update highlights of 2021. To sum up, you have more options to embed fonts, set specific text weight, decoration and transformation. We've also added support to conect to your Google Firestore with the client configuration.

Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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