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Create a blog with Google Sheets

Learn how to set up and manage a blog using Google Sheets as a database via Inverr

learning • 25 Apr




Google Sheets is convenient. A few weeks ago, we’ve written about how we add missing features for Google Sheets to use as an actual database. In this post, we'll show you how to use it in a blogging app, and manage posts.

Setting up a blog

We'll use Blogging on our AppStore.

  • Visit AppStore, scroll down to find the Blogging app
  • Click Install. You'll be redirected to the installation page

Blogging on AppStore

There are 2 steps on the installation page.

  • Step 1 allows you to update basic information for your website. For example, name, description, language, etc… Those information helps search engines discover your site easier.
  • Step 2 set up and specify where to store your posts. Which in this case, a Sheet tab in your Google Sheets

The following steps will walk you through how to setup a connection to your Sheets.

1. Connect to Google Sheets

At Step 2, switch off Use Inverr's database, then:

  1. From the Target database, click the dropdown list and choose New connection

  2. Choose Google Sheets. If this is the first time, you'll need to authorize Inverr's to access your GDrive. You can jump to step 5 if this already completed.

  3. To give permission, click on Sign in with Google. It'll open up the Google consent screen.

  4. When the Google's consent screen window opens, you'll need to sign in. Then read through the permissions, and Accept to complete the authorization process.

  5. After that, it will redirect to inverr.com. If the process is successful, you'll see the Successfully Authenticated message.

  6. Now, return to the Add a new connection window. Click Refresh, you'll see the Spreadsheet section with the dropdown to select a Sheets.

  7. Choose your Sheets and click Connect to complete.

Google consent screen

Now, from the Target database, choose your Sheets.

2. Connect to a Sheet tab

  1. From the Target collection dropdown, click and choose New collection.
  2. Enter the Sheet name (i.e posts), then click Create.
  3. Now, from the Target collection dropdown, click and choose your selected posts sheets.

3. Transfer tables

The Transfer options section allows you to:

  • Update collection keys which will create the Sheet's schema. For example title, content, created. Be aware that it will also override the existing data and schema.
  • Transfer selected records, which insert sample data into the sheets.

It's recommended to enable Update collection keys.

After Target database and Target collection were set, click Transfer and Complete. Once completed, you'll be redirected to the Editor.

Manage blog posts

You can manage posts from the Editor (to learn more about Editor, see Launching Editor)

From the Editor:

  1. Click Manage button located at the bottom left (you might need to login)
  2. From the right navigation, expand Collections, then choose Google Sheets.

You can create a new post by click on + New Item. You can also edit an existing post by hover the mouse on the content, then click on the edit button (pen icon).

Manage posts from Editor

To sum up, you can start a blog that stores data on Google Sheets. First, install the Blogging app from our AppStore. Then create a connection to your Sheets and the Sheet tab. Once the installation finished, the system will transfer required fields (ie. name, description, content) to your Sheet tab.

Now you know how to create a blog that connect to your Google Sheets. Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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