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Effective chrome webstore extension landing page examples

You're creating a new browser extension and want to create a website? Check out these examples from the most popular extensions from Chrome Webstore

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Most of the featured browser extensions on Chrome Webstore has a website. It allows them to show more to users, freely express the extension characteristic through the design, and make it more professional.

Here are top 5 landing templates for your chrome landing page extension.

1. Infinity Tab

Infinity tab is an extension that improve the way you organize tabs on browser, with over 700k downloads. Besides aiming to improve users' productivity, Infinity Tab focus on proving a beautiful browsing experience.

Needless to say, their website speak just what they are about. The entire website use the frosted glass style.

As the purpose of the extension is about delivering good browsing experience, they use blue-pink gradient with white text, which create a comfort feel. Besides, they use a lot of spacing between elements to create the clean look. And providing more images to demonstrate what users will get when they install the app.

2. Focus To-do

Focus To-do is a cross-platform app for managing daily tasks. It also available as a browser extension, with over 400k downloads on Chrome Webstore.

Unlike Infinity Tab website, Focus To-do focus on explaining about the app and showing their features. The entire website use red as the primary color, with white background, black text and Helvetica as their font.

Besides using landing page to explain about their product, Focus To-do only use Contact and Privacy Policy pages. Just enough information users might need

3. Hunter

Hunter is a browser extension, help marketer collect emails from any website. The extension has over 500k downloads on Chrome Webstore.

Hunter's website uses orange as the primary color, but being used very little, with white and light background and dark text.

The first thing they shows on the landing page is the enter domain textbox, showing the main feature that allow users to get emails from a domain.

As seen in many product for marketers (a market for professionals), Hunter's website has a professional style, with lots of pages with details about their product, pricing, the company, blog and resources.

4. HTTPS Everywhere by EFF

HTTPS Everywhere is a browser extension that automatically use HTTPS protocol on any website that doesn't support HTTPS. The extension was developed by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Tor project, with over 2M downloads on the Chrome webstore.

HTTPS is an exception. In case the extension isn't the main product of your organization, EFF could be a good inspiration. Their website doesn't mention any thing about HTTPS Everywhere extension.

Personally, even though it's not the main product, I think having separate landing page dedicated to the extension is a good idea. Because (1) the extension is related to the product, and (2) people will google the extension, which will drive traffic into the website (rather than someone's else who talk about the extension).

5. Weava Highlighter

Weava Highlighter is a browser extension for highlighting content on the web, help organize research contents. The extension has over 700k download on Chrome Webstore.

Most of Weava Highlighter are academic people, including students, researchers in universities from over the world.

The goal of Weava Highlighter website is all about showing their features. Similar to a few other product that serve academic market such as vocalmatic.com, ganttpro.com

That was our landing page pick examples for a browser extension.

As the above example, when Infinity Tab needs to show comfort of the tools, they use light colors, lots of spaces and images. In contrast, Waeve Highlighter serve the academic market, they only shows the features. Or Hunter, which serve a professional market, their website focus on being professional.

Depending on the characteristic of the extension that you building, and the market it serve, there are must-haves, nice to have factors the landing page needs to increase its effectiveness.

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