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5 blogging website templates for inspiration

Whether you are building a blog for your own or your company, here are 6 beautiful and creative blogging templates to get inspired

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Having an eye-catching blog not only attracts visitors to check out your content, but also speaks for the image of your brand. It's better to avoid boring repeated grid content, and entertain your readers with a little bit of creativeness, while keeping the look and feel of a blog.

Whether you're building a personal blog, or for your business, check out the following blogging website template that fit the criteria to get you to inspire.

5 blogging website templates

1. Wit & Delight.

Wit & Delight is a lifestyle blog by Kate Arends Peters. It covered many different categories including interior, fashion, health, relationship, travel, etc.

What makes Wit & Delight stands out is the good combination of colors, fonts, and proper positioning. The blog created a classic feel using the mix of Cultured (#f3f3f6), Black (#000000), and White (#FFFFFF) colors. Besides, it uses the combination of Calena for titles and Proxima Nova for content fonts which make it feel elegant.

If you're looking for a mix of classic and elegant blogging templates, Wit & Delight is definitely a great inspiration. Especially for lifestyle, interior, boutique, fashion blogging.

2. Spotify design blog

Spotify Design is the official blog of the Spotify design team, which featured works and details behind the scenes of how Spotify made it.

What is interesting about this blog template is, instead of having repeating grids of articles, their post cover photos have different heights. Which does not align the posts' titles in the same horizontal axis.

We know the rule of consistency has been broken here. But it helps distinct and allows your eyes to quickly identify different posts.

Don't you feel it is easier to scan those titles?

3. Nathan Barry

Native Barry is the creator of the marketing platform ConvertKit. He's also a creator, author, speaker, and designer. It is more for a personal blogging template. Though, visiting Nathan's website and scanning through his blog will immediately give you that fresh and warm feeling.

You might be able to replicate this experience by using Giants Orange (#f26111) as the primary color, with Maastricht Blue (#001828). Besides, wisely arranging elements with negative spaces are also important.

4. Dropbox design blog

Dropbox design is Dropbox's official blog for their design team. They keep the original design since 2008, until Ed Chao tried to convince the company with 1,500 people to redesign in 2017.

Personally, Dropbox's new design doesn't feel like a tool anymore. Nonetheless, it is elegant, clean, and relaxing to look at.

Dropbox Design blog template might be suitable for any type of blogging you are building.

5. Jon Yablonski

Jon Yablonski is currently a Senior Product Designer at Mixpanel. His blog covers multiple aspects of designing, from typography, design system to icons, colors, etc.

What is interesting about his blog is the bold theme, using primary colors with black and white. It dels the professionalism feel, which is definitely important when you want to share the experience.

Jon's blogging template is definitely a great inspiration if you're building a professional blog.

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