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Better SEO with Dynamic URLs in Sitemap

We’ve recently improve sitemap to generate Dynamic URLs based on your database items.

update • 03 Dec




Sitemap is a URL map of your site, help search engine discover available pages on your website easily. You can access your Inverr website’s sitemap at https://yoursite.com/sitemap.xml

Our sitemap generator will now also generate dynamic URLs by your page’s URL and Connected Query. Without any effort.

For example, you want to created a blog item page with URL is posts/{id}, and connected to a query to get blog item. The sitemap generator will first get all blog items. Then for each item, it will add a URL accordingly.

If you have already setup a dynamic URL, and connected to a query, you don’t have to do anything to enable dynamic URLs. Otherwise, you can update your page URL and Connected Query from the Editor by:

  1. Open the page list by click on the page name from the top left
  2. Hover mouse on the dynamic page, and choose Setting (cog icon)
  3. The Update Webpage Information modal will show up. You’ll see URL and Connect to a query as the photo

Thanks for your support and hope you like it.

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