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August highlights: SEO, Transform and Effects

More options to improve SEO and social media presence with Structured Data, Open Graphs. Creating top-notch UI with Transform and Effects

update • 02 Sep




We've constantly working to improve our product for a better experience. Below are some changes and improvements we've made in August (2021)

More options to improve SEO

You can add more info to help search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing learn more about your webpage. Which helps to improve your presence on search results.

Besides the page's basic information, we've added a few more section to the Page Settings, such as:

  1. Open Graph and Twitter Open Graph helps social media like Facebook, Twitter gather and display your page better.
  2. Structured Data and Breadcrumb, sometimes called JSON-LD (or JSON for Linked Data). Which helps search engines like Google understand more and categorize your page content.

We recommended completing those settings to improve your page visibility on search results. As we saw a clear improvement a month after adding Structured Data and Breadcrumb. Google Search Console starts picking up more URLs. And search results on Google started showing suggested links.

Component Transform and Effects

The new updates allow you to create top-notch UI. Want to create frosted glass navigation? Blurry gradient background? Scale, or rotate a component? You got it.

On the Designer Panel, you will see the following sections:

  1. Transform allows you to rotate and 3d-rotate a component. You can also make the component bigger or smaller with the Scale option.
  2. Effects panel allows you to create Blur, Glass Blur effects, or changing Grayscale, Saturate colors, and Brightness of a component. Besides, Background Clip can clip the underneath background with the selected element.

A bonus tip to create a beautiful text filled with gradients by:

  1. Set the text color to Transparent (last color in the color palette)
  2. Navigate to the Background section in the Designer Panel. Choose the Type as Linear Gradient or Radial Gradient, then set your gradient colors
  3. Navigate to the Effects section in the Designer Panel. From the Background Clip dropdown, select Text.

Now, you got a beautiful text gradient.

That was the August update highlights. In short, we added Open Graph and Structured Data to boost your website SEO. Also added Transform and Effects to help you create top-notch effects.

Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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