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April Highlights: Form submission email, Element ID, and new templates

You can now receive email from form submission, assign and ID to elements

update • 02 May




We're constantly working to improve our product for a better experience. Below are some changes and improvements we've made in April 2022.

Receive email for Form Submission

When creating a contact form, or simply a landing page to collect visitor's responses, you might want to get an email notification. On April, we've added an option that will notify you when someone submitted a form.

To enable receiving email from a form submission, navigate to your table on the Database Manage view:

  1. Click on cog icon, then choose Settings

  2. Navigate to the Integration tab

  3. Enter Receiver email address, CC email address in case you also want to send the notification for someone else

  4. Click Save to complete

Now, you should receive an email notification when a someone submitted any form that connected to the table

Set ID for an element

Having an ID for elements can be useful for navigating. For example, when adding #element-id, the browser will automatically scroll down the element with id is element-id.

You can now set ID to an element from the Editor Panel, under the Common section.

Tools for your project

We've added a few small tools to manage your project. To use those tools, from the Dashboard:

Available tools are:

Manage SSL Certificate allows you to view your SSL certiciate expiration date, and renew if the expiration is less than 30 days (as recommended by LetsEncrypt)

Request screenshoot allows you to create a screenshot from the latest version of your website. This screenshot is the cover of the project visible in the dashboard

New template: Greentea, Zino, and Architecture

In the past month, we've added 3 more templates.

  • Greentea, a landing page for service app, inspired by bymeacoffee.
  • Zino for fashion brands, ideally to showcase your designs and shopping.
  • Architecture portfolio landing page for architects company or individuals.

Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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