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7 Free and Fresh Icons Packs For Your Next Project

Getting tired of similar icons or just want to look for a breath of fresh air? Here are 10 free icon packs for your next project

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Icons is a visual language in web or digital designs. The right icons can make your design more alive, improve scalability, and friendlier.

In case you’re looking for icons to bring a breath of fresh air into your project, check out the 7 following set of icons.

1. Special Candy

Special Candy is a series of illustration with cute animation style. In case you are looking for a fun, artistic or cartoonish vibe, Special Candy is a perfect icon collection for your next project.

The set contains 360 icons, with 310 free icons including Unicorn, Fruits, Halloween, Peace, Beverages, Wedding, New Year. And 50 icons about pet grooming

2. Glass Icons

Glass Icons has a limit of 12 icons, in 6 colors each with fancy blur-through glass style. They fit in modern with a mix of luxury projects.

The pack contains 12 icons. Each comes in 6 colors, including blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and lighter-green. It is vailable in Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch

3. 3D Icons

3D icon style is a mix of clayey gradient with shadow, using deep and vibrance styles. They can be mixed with variety of theme, such as young, playful, bring a fresh feeling to a wordy documents.

The pack consists +1900 free icons, including People, Apps, Holidays, Foods, Designs, Weather, etc. Besides, it comes with +1000 premium icons. The icons are available in PNG, SVG, EPS and PSD formats

4. Iconly 2 — Two-tones

Iconly is a set of essential icons for designing website, products or webfonts. Those can fit with many style of design, such as morden apps.

There are over 500 free icons, with 5 styles inlcuding Light, Bolk, Bulk, Two-tone and Broken. Available in Webfont, PNG, SVG, IconJar and easy to use in popular design software like Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma or Adobe Illustrator

5. Icomation - Animated Service Icons

Icomation is a collection of animated icons, designed using a main gradient with a dark color. This is an excellent fit in case you’re looking for a set of animated services icon. Those includes Furniture, Medicicne, Computer, Cleaning, ect. Click to view an animated example

The set consists of 12 animated icon, available as Lottie (JSON), GIF, SVG, AI and PNG

6. Ramic Blue

Ramic is a set of random miscellaneous icons, designed using thin line in black or blue. It can be excellent for website with flat design style. Or a bit of artistic theme using Ramic Blue or Ramic Two-tones.

The set consists of over 200 icons, with 5 styles as Dark Line, Blue Line, Two-tones, Fill Blue, and Shadow Blue. They are available in PNG, SVG, EPS, AI format and easy to use in popular design software such as Sketch, Adobe XD or Figma

7. Kawaii Flat

Kawaii Flat icons designed with shinny gradient with cuteness. They are excellent to bring a breath of fresh air to your project, with a bit of playful and cartoonish vibe.

The pack consists of nearly 600 free icons, plus 100 more of premium icons. You can find icons about Apps, Faces, Weather, Moods, Foods, Animal, Things, Heart, Unicorns, and more. They are available in PNG, SVG, EPS, and PDS formats

Wrap up

My personal favourites are Kawaii Special Candy packs designed by Freepik. They are well designed, can bring a fun vibe to a project.

Depend on the theme, and what vibe you want to deliver to viewers, icons are an easy way to build a stronger brand and create entertainment for your design.

All the best with your projects and let me know your favorite packs

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