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October Highlights: Bringing back Layout library and Export HTML feature

We're excited for the recent update. Layout library is now available with pre-designed blocks, and ability to export your design to HTML.

update • 02 Nov




In October, we worked on bringing back 2 important features. For reference, they were disabled earlier this year as we were working on the changes from the backbone of the Inverr render engine.

We're constantly working to improve our product for a better experience. Below are some changes and improvements we've made in the past month for Inverr.

Last July, we introduced Insert Searchbox, where you can find and insert elements, photos, and symbols.

Recently, the Insert Searchbox has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate between types of components (elements, photo, etc)

Layout library: predesigned layout sections

A Layout library is a set of predesigned sections, such as menu, header, feature, team, or footer.

The Layout library is available for PRO members, with over 40 predesigned layout sections and more to be added. You can find it from the Insert Searchbox (Layout section).

Export your design to HTML

Export HTML feature allows you to export your page to a standalone HTML page and styles. It's convenient in case you just want to have the design and host it on your own.

To export your page to HTML, click on the dropdown button next to "Preview" (located at the top right), then choose "Export HTML". You can preview the exported result as HTML and CSS or download it as a .zip file.

That was the October update highlights. We brought back the predesigned Layout library to save time for building web page, and enable the Export HTML feature, allow to download your page design as HTML and CSS.

Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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