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Install your first webapp

Checkout our AppStore, learn how to install and manage your webapp.

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We've recently launched AppStore. Which you can find a web app, install it, and ready to be online. Either showcase your work, hiring, publish your product development roadmap, and more.

In this post, I'll show you how to install an app and get started.

Install an app

You can access the apps store via our AppStore. When scrolled down, find an app that fit your requirements, then:

Note: You should be signed up before installing an app

  1. Click Install →. The system will take a few seconds to prepare, then redirect you to the Setup — Step 1 page.

  2. At Step 1, you can update basic information. For example the domain name, website's name, and description. Once completed, click Next.

  3. Choose where to store your data

Most apps required connecting to a database to store data. For example, Photography Service needs to store your photos and bookings.

In this step, you will choose where the data will store. Either using Inverr's database service, or your own database. We supported connecting to MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, Google Sheets, Firebase, Firestore, MongoDB. For more details and latest updates, see Connect to Your Database

a. Store data with Inverr's Database Service

By default, the system will create the necessary database and collections automatically.

b. Store data with Your Own Database

To connect to your database:

  1. Switch off Use Inverr's database
  2. From Target database, choose your database connection. To create a new connection, select New connection.
  3. From Target collection, choose an existing collection. To create a new collection, or add an existing one, select New collection

After setting up your database

  1. Switch on Update collection keys to update collection schema (recommended)
  2. Switch on Transfer x selected records to transfer example data (optional)

Then, click Transfer and Complete Setup. The system will start setting up the database, transfer collection schema, and records. Then navigate you to the app Editor

Getting started

Now, your app should be accessible via your domain name (setup in Step 1).

In case you want a simple dashboard, basic site, and database edit, use Editor. Otherwise, use Designer to update your app's designs and more advanced settings.

Now you know how to install an app from AppStore, choose where to store your app's data.

Feel free to leave your feedback, and thanks for your support.

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