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6 Beautiful and Free Illustration Libraries for Your Next Project

Illustrations can help deliver your message without lengthy paragraphs. Here are 6 places to look for free stock vectors and illustrations

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Having eye catching illustrations can leave a great impression to your audience. They can also help deliver your message visually, make them last longer in viewers memory.

In case you’re in for the new projects, there are 6 places you can find amazing illustration suitable to your brand. Those stock vector and illustration are available for free. You can download under popular format such as PNG, SVG.

1. DrawKit

James Daly, a designer from Sydney created Drawkit — a free illustration libraries for designer and startups.

Drawkit has 16 packages, with over 200 illustration available in SVG, JSON (Lottie animation) format. You can find illustration in many categories. Such as animal, finance, fashion, design, education, game, food, etc.

Besides, you can also create a new request for your ideal illustration

2. Undraw

Started by Katerina and Aggelos, undraw is a huge and open-source vector illustration library. Available for anyone to create better websites, products and applications.

Undraw constantly deliver new designs, with customisable theme colours for free. Those are available under SVG, PNG

3. ManyPixels

Quite like Undraw, ManyPixels has over 1000 illustration, customisable with a theme colour. Available in different styles for free. Including monochromatic, isometric, two colours, flatline and outline.

You can find and download free stock vector and illustration in almost any categories. For example illustration for apps design, marketing, people, illustration for science, food, finance, startup, sport and more.

4. 404 Illustration

404 error pages shouldn’t be depress. 404 Illustration is a royalty free illustration library to help you make fun and better 404 pages.

There are 23 designs available under PNG and SVG for free.

5. Freepik

Freepik is an infamous stock vector library, with a huge number of resources in many different category.

There are over 94.000 free vector illustrations by Freepik and its members. Available to download as SVG, AI, ESP formats (required attribution). You can find vector illustration in almost any categories, in different styles

6. IRA Design Gallery

IRA Design Gallery is a vector illustration component library. Allow anyone to quickly draft a unique illustration by putting each component together. There are over 100 components, including backgrounds, characters and objects.

Besides being customisable, main objects components are painted with beautiful gradient colours. All available as PNG, SVG for designers or developers.


Illustration are much better to deliver a message to viewers. And there are a surpsiseing amount of free and quality resources to help you.

You can find illustrations that fit with your branding in any of the resources mention above.

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