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How to Embed Instagram Post on Your Website

Learn how to embed an instagram post into your website

resource • 28 May




Social media could help your brand to connect with users, and attract visitors in a personal way. Though, many visitors that land on your website might not know about your social media.

In case you're using social media such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, it will be helpful to link to relevant posts from your social media once in a while. Content on your social media might be just what people are looking for.

How to embed your Instgram post for free

Instagram provides an easy way to embed a post into your website for free. You only need to have an Instagram account, visit the post, copy the embed HTML code and paste to your website.

The following steps show you how to embed an Instagram post in details.

Step 1: Create and login into your Instagram account

If you haven't got an Instagram account, visit Instagram.com (only available on the website, not on their app). Then click on Create an account and follow their instruction.

Now, login into your Instagram account to continue.

Step 2. Choose an Instagram post to embed

Ideally, when choosing an Instagram post to embed into your website, it should be relevant and bring values to your content.

You can choose your post, from another account that you followed. Besides, you can use the search feature to find exactly what you need.

Step 3. Get the HTML embed code

You can get the HTML embed code by click on the options button (triple dots at top right of the photo), and choose "Embed".

Now, a popup will appear and show you the embed code. It'll look like \<blockquote class=...

Note that there is an Include caption option. Uncheck this if you don't want to show the post's caption and comment.

Click Copy Embed Code to copy the code into your clipboard.

Step 4. Embed the Instagram post to your website

To embed the Instagram post to your website, use the HTML embed code you got from Step 3, and paste to wherever you want in your website.

Note that some platform won't allow you to use HTML directly into their post. Which means it will shows HTML in plain text rather than the Instagram post. What you can do here is look for the HTML code block, then paste the embed code. Otherwise, you can ask their support team on how to embed HTML code into your content.

Step 5. Enjoy the result

Congratulations. If you have thoroughly following the above steps, your content should be showing the Instagram post.

Now, whenever your visitors see the content, get curious about the post, they will click and learn more about your Instagram account.

Embedding relevant Instagram posts into your content helps visitors discover your Instagram account. Which in case you have been putting effort into creating quality photos and contents, they will likely to follow. This helps building a better connection to your users in the long term and gain social exposure for your brand.

In short, you can embed an Instagram post into your content by choosing a post, choose Embed to get the HTML embed code from the options menu. Then paste the HTML embed code to where you want in the content.

Let's start embedding and gain more exposure for your Instagram.

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